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What Our Patients Say

"One of the best medical practices I have ever used!"
Melinda B.
"Dr. Breslauer is excellent, professional, kind and thoughtful."
Laura P.
"Very good experience overall. The exam I received was very thorough."
John B.
"(The Physician Assistant was) Efficient and on time."
Ben B.
"Very good experience overall. The exam I received was very thorough."
John B.
"I appreciate the convenience and location of LSI. I feel lucky to live so close. It is also a very positive, cheerful atmosphere for a doctor's office."
Laura Z.
"I love the LSI group and am so happy that I found this wonderful dermatology center to care for my skin."
Cindy D.
"The provider and assistant were both equally concerned about my well-being and explained everything very well."
Christine B.
"The office is so professional yet Dr. B and her staff make you feel like family. The whole office really cares about their patients and you know Dr. B wouldn't have it any other way."
Rita C.
"For going to a dermatologist for the first time I am glad it was here. Very thorough, professional and friendly."
Chris T.
The best Dermatology near Chatham NJ "The Doctor was very nice...explained what she was going to do before she did it, so that I was prepared for what was coming. She asked if I had any questions for her, and told me when to expect results of the biopsy and how I would receive the news."
Niki A.
"(Anne is) Thoughtful, Informative, Knowledgable"
Pam G.
"Spoke with Lori, who was extremely helpful and nice! After I booked the appointment I realized I had another doctors appointment that day, called right back & spoke with Trish who was also very nice and gave me an appointment for the following day. If the doctors are like the staff so far, this place is going to be as great as I heard!"
Hannah G.
"I LOVE Dr. B! She is beautiful inside and out - - always helpful, never rushes. Recommendations always the best. Her staff is excellent."
Chris T.
"Suzanne was super sweet, thoughtful, and knowledgable. I saw her for a facial to discuss options for my acne scars. She recommended micro needling, and I am so happy with the results! Her professionalism combined with her skill made both of my visits enjoyable, relaxing, and in the end totally worth it!"
Jessica C.
"The staff is so helpful and knowlegeable. There is a sense of professionalism along with feeling very comfortable."
Nancy P.
"Dr. B is literally my favorite doctor. She takes her time and when I opened up to her personally about why I wanted my skin to be perfect she gave me the best pep talk. I recently moved out of Madison and it was a quick trip to get to her. I have an appointment with her first thing in the morning on Thursday and the trip is now 2 hours to get to her. But hey she is sooo worth it!!."
Chris S.
"I think (the Physician Assistant) did a great job. I had a full body exam and she ranks up there with Dr. B. I would definitely ask for her again. She was very pleasant and extremely thorough."
Jeanne Marie H.
"The atmosphere is very nice and the facility is easily accessible."
Lynn D.
"The clerks and receptionist could not be any more helpful. The assistants were very professional and caring, and I was so appreciative that I was able to obtain an appointment as soon as I did."
Marianne C.
"What did I like best about my visit to LSI? All female staff and personal attention."
Trisha E.
"Professionalism with warmth and friendliness."
Rosemarie C.
"Dr. B is always very patient and calming. She is never abrupt or rushed and spends time answering any and all questions. She is knowledgeable and caring and takes an interest in each patient. She was instrumental in identifying a condition in my daughter that proved correct after further testing by her endocrinologist. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!"
Liz T.
"The receptionist was so sweet. She showed me upstairs and offered to bring any magazines, water/tea/cookies and made a lot of effort to make sure I was comfortable."
Katie H.
"As always, Dr. B is most professional and shows a personal interest in her patients. I have recommended both friends and family to L+SI."
Mary G.
"The Doctor is a wonderful doctor. I had two biopsies done with her and she provided reassurance and utmost knowledge with my condition."
Kathryn O.
"Always caring and professional! And ALWAYS on time! Thanks!"
Dawn C.
"Dr. Breslauer is a find!! She listens, is concerned and never rushes through your visit. It is also an education to listen to her. Each explanation upon my visit was outstandingly informative. I learned a lot, along with sharing my views and questions and answers."
Adrienne T.
"They treat each patient with care and respect. The environment is very relaxing!"
Dawn C.
"Dr. Breslauer manages to run on time which is unheard of with dermatologists and still spends quality time with each of her patients. Keep up the amazing work!"
Christine B.
"Overall great experience."
Donna G.