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Hydrating Serum

Revision Skincare Hydrating Serum

Skin Type: All / Sensitive

Revision Skincare Hydrating Serum Description:
Innovative ingredients deeply penetrate to the furthest layers of your skin to replenish hydration and restore a luminous, radiant complexion.

Honey, hazelnut protein and hyaluronic acid bind moisture to the skin, helping the skin appear plumper and fuller with just one application.

These hydrating ingredients rebuild the skin’s moisture barrier for a suppler complexion.

Revision Skincare Hydrating Serum Features & Benefits:

  • Moisturizes without leaving skin feeling greasy.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Includes Sodium Hyaluronate, which binds moisture to the skin.
  • Provides antioxidant benefits with Pomegranate Extract.
  • Oil-free, Water-based and lightweight.

How To Use Revision Skincare Hydrating Serum:
Apply to clean skin. Dispense into palm of hand and apply to entire face. Use twice daily. Can be used alone or as a moisture booster under creams or lotions.

Revision Skincare Hydrating Serum Ingredients:

  • Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid). Binds water to the skin to keep it moist and hydrated.
  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Algae Extract. Contains trace minerals (copper, iron & zinc) to moisturize and soften the skin.
  • Vitamin E & Pomegranate Extract. Provides strong antioxidant benefits.
  • Honey and Sea Kelp Extract. Hydrates and conditions the skin.

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