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CoolSculpting Cost | An affordable investment with long-lasting results

CoolSculpting cost is within your budget with customized treatment plans. Don’t be fooled. The Amazed by CoolSculpting before and after pics, many people wrongly assume Coolsculpting prices are beyond their means. However, treatment plans are tailored to both body and budget.  Read on to learn more about CoolSculpting cost. And discover ways to save on the fat freezing treatment.

The CoolSculpting Treatment

In order to understand CoolSculpting cost, first consider the technology behind the procedure. During treatment, specially designed applicators isolate a fat deposit. The applicator exposes the bulge to intense cooling for 35-minutes. This is considered one cycle.

The fat freezing process, known as cryolipolysis, causes irreversible damage to the fat cells. The body eventually removes the destroyed fat cells as waste. This leads to visible reduction of fat.

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How is CoolSculpting Cost Determined?

CoolSculpting prices depend on the number of cycles needed and the specific applicator utilized during the treatment.

A trained CoolSculpting technician first evaluates the area being treated. The technician then chooses the applicator best suited in size and function for obtaining your desired results.

Applicators come in either a large or small size. They can be curved or flat. Large applicators are designed to cover larger areas such as the belly or back. Smaller applicators are designed to target small areas, like armpit fat. Sometimes a combination of sizes, like targeting the abdomen with two small applicators and one large applicator, will be used to achieve optimal results.

A single treatment, or cycle, with a large applicator costs twice as much as a single cycle with a small applicator. However, large applicators cover twice the area of a small applicator.

Treatment Plans and CoolSculpting Cost

CoolSculpting cost varies from client to client since each treatment plan is unique. The number of cycles needed to obtain the best results will also factor into the final cost. The best way to determine your cost is to schedule a CoolSculpting consultation and discuss your aesthetic goals and monetary budget.

How to Save on CoolSculpting Prices

There are several ways to save on CoolSculpting cost. Usually, purchasing a package of treatments costs less than purchasing each treatments separately. You can also save by utilizing promotions and special discounts. Currently at the Laser + Skin Institute, we  offer new clients  25% off CoolSculpting cost when they schedule a free consultation.

CoolSculpting Cost  Chatham, New Jersey

To determine CoolSculpting cost, contact the Laser + Skin Institute to schedule your no-cost consultation. During your consultation, your personal before and after goals will be discussed. We’ll share several options, tailored to your budget. Remember, CoolSculpting is customizeable. Each patient’s experience is uniquely tailored to achieve results and remain cost-effective.

Call (973) 635-5050 to schedule your free consultation today. Alternatively contact us online by filling out the form below. Our experienced team will determine your candidacy for the procedure and customize a plan to match your desired results.


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