CoolTone Abs in 30-Minutes

Countless men and women work their cores manually in the gym with no positive results. Now, with CoolTone abs, you can achieve a slim, sculpted waistline in just 30-minutes. The truth is that the number of crunches it takes to obtain a defined midsection is almost impossible to achieve. Thankfully, CoolTone treatments provided people with a powerful core workout that sculpts the stomach muscles. The body sculpting treatment is FDA cleared to strengthen, firm, and tone the abdominal muscles. Learn more about CoolTone stomach treatments here.

What Do Regular Core Workouts Do?

Manual exercise can only do so much for your body. Crunches, planks, and sit-ups are great exercises for your abs, but they may not chisel your stomach the way you want. In fact, many men and women do all out in the gym trying to achieve a sculpted stomach with manual exercise alone.

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What Do Regular Core Workouts Not Do?

Science reveals that rock-hard abs are elusive for some people. The truth is that genetics is a prominent factor in how our bodies react to manual exercise. Some people could work their core out every day of the week and still not see the sculpted muscles they desire.

Moreover, you can have solid abs but carry extra weight around that obscures them. No amount of core exercise can change anything if you struggle with fat bulges in the stomach. Also, the idea that you can spot reduce fat and sculpt washboard abs is a myth. Working out the muscles that lay below fat bulges will not always reduce fat in that area.

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Achieve Cool Tone Abs in 30-Minutes

For people who don’t necessarily have the right genetics or the time to spend in the gym working their stomachs, Cool Tone can help. This body sculpting treatment is scientifically proven to strengthen the core and provide Cool Tone abs when manual exercise fails.

Cool Tone uses advanced electromagnetic technology to induce a powerful physical response known as magnetic muscle stimulation. During one session, the electromagnetic energy penetrates the muscle tissue below the skin. This energy stimulates the tissue, causing contractions.

One Cool Tone treatment induces more than 20,000 contractions in a single session that is virtually painless and lasts 30 minutes.

The contractions obtained during a Cool Tone session are not regular muscle contractions. They are supramaximal contractions and can only be induced during a body sculpting treatment. The contractions place powerful tension on the target muscle tissues. The body adapts to this tension by creating more muscle cells and enlarging the existing muscle tissue. The result is a stronger, sculpted core.

CoolTone Abs Near Me

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