Coolsculpting after the covid crisis at Laser + Skin Institute in Chatham, NJ

Coolsculpting After the Covid Crisis | Fat Freezing

Soon the COVID crisis will pass, and we will emerge from our houses with a new appreciation for our community and social interactions. One thing we will not appreciate is the bulge we packed on while we waited out the pandemic at home.

Social distancing is not great on the waistline. Being stuck at home, surrounded by family, and stressed out is the perfect storm for mindless eating. And stress eating. And eating because we are bored. And just like the holiday season, most of this eating is not healthy.

How to Contour Your Physique After COVID

Many medical spas are shuttering their doors out of precaution during the COVID pandemic. But things will soon be back to normal, and fat reduction treatments will be in high demand.

Liposuction is a popular fat reduction treatment. However, many people are intimidated by the thought of scalpels, stitches, general anesthesia, and lengthy recovery times. These people want a non-invasive alternative, and CoolSculpting is their top choice.

CoolSculpting is the most popular non-surgical fat reduction treatment in the world. It incorporates advanced cooling technology to eliminate fat cells by freezing them to death. Treatments take 35 minutes, and the procedure requires little to no downtime. Best of all, CoolSculpting is safe and effective. Results appear within weeks, look natural, and are long-lasting. *

CoolSculpting is perfect for anyone who wants to quickly lose the extra bulge they gained while shut up in their home during the COVID shut down.

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Get Started With Coolsculpting Today

CoolSculpting is not for everyone. The innovative fat-freezing procedure is intended to help healthy adults reduce fat deposits that resist diet and exercise. Being the proper candidate for this treatment is fundamental to achieving stellar results. Therefore, the first thing you must do to get started on your journey to a slimmer, more sculpted body with CoolSculpting is to schedule a complimentary consultation with the Laser + Skin Institute today.

Free Online Consultations

During the COVID shutdown, the Laser + Skin Institute is offering FREE online consultations. These virtual consultations will allow you to speak with our body contouring expert over a video conferencing app like Google Hangouts, FaceTime, or WhatsApp. During the online consultation, you will learn more about the fat freezing procedure, including the cost of CoolSculpting and whether you are a good candidate for this procedure. If you determine fat freezing is right for you, we will customize a treatment plan that meets your aesthetic objectives and budgetary constraints.

Coolsculpting Near Me

Get started on getting your body back in pristine form after the COVID crisis. Schedule a free virtual consultation with the Laser + Skin Institute today. Reach out to us online by filling out the form below. We will get back with you shortly and set up a time for your virtual consultation.  


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