CoolSculpting Arms | Freeze Away Upper Arm Fat

CoolSculpting arms

CoolSculpting Arms | Freeze Away Upper Arm Fat

CoolSculpting arms is an excellent way to reduce stubborn upper arm fat. The best part, you can sculpt your upper arm fat without invasive surgery, pain, or downtime. The makers of CoolSculpting introduced the CoolPetite applicator in 2017. This new proprietary applicator was made to reach smaller, hard to reach pockets of fat. That is why the CoolPetite is most suited for targeting fat that gathers in the upper arm zone. Read on to learn more about this applicator and how CoolSculpting can help manage embarrassing upper arms.

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What Causes Upper Arm Fat?

The upper arm area is one of the areas on a woman that tend to gather fat cells. Factors like genetics, age, and hormonal changes cause the body to deposit more fat in three specific regions: the thighs, hips, and upper arms. Since these fat cells are caused by biology, they are harder to lose. Diet and exercise alone are often not enough to banish the fat. Thankfully, CoolSculpting arms can help women handle persistent fat and sculpt lean, attractive arms.

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CoolSculpting Arms with CoolPetite

The CoolPetite is the newest applicator in the CoolSculpting CoolAdvantage line. The updates made to this applicator design make it easier to treat problem areas like the upper arms, minimize treatment discomfort, and even reduce the time it takes to treat stubborn bulges of fat.

The makers of CoolSculpting spent countless hours developing an applicator that could successfully treat one of the most problematic areas for women. Since the upper arm is delicate, it was considered a difficult place to treat. However, now with the CoolPetite, treatment specialists can efficiently and comfortably treat this area without concern.

CoolSculpting Arms | the Science Behind Upper Arm Fat Freezing

In an article published in the Journal of Dermatologic Surgery, titled “Cryolipolysis for Reduction of Arm Fat,” researchers Cold Sculpted the arms of 30 female subjects. Researchers found that CoolSculpting arms resulted in significant fat reduction. Moreover, 85% of participants demonstrated visible reductions in upper arm fat. Furthermore, the researchers go on to add that “these data suggest that [CoolSculpting arms] provides rapid, safe, and effective arm treatment.”

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CoolSculpting Arms Near Me

If you have been struggling with upper arm fat, CoolSculpting and the CoolPetite applicator can help. Schedule your complimentary consultation with Laser + Skin Institute. During your free consultation, you will be able to speak to an expert treatment specialist about this fat freezing treatment and determine if you are the ideal treatment candidate. Call us at (973) 635-5050 to schedule.


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