DIY CoolSculpting | Why CoolSculpting at Home Never Works

DIY CoolSculpting

DIY CoolSculpting | Why CoolSculpting at Home Never Works

CoolSculpting is the most popular fat reduction treatment available on the market. This non-invasive procedure is comfortable and convenient for people who want to rid themselves of pesky fat. However, as the treatment’s popularity rises, so does a dangerous trend. DIY CoolSculpting or CoolSculpting at home is a dangerous trend where people attempt fat freezing at home. Learn more about the hacks and why they are so unsafe.

How CoolSculpting Works

CoolSculpting utilizes a science known as Cryolipolysis to freeze away fat cells effectively. This is the only FDA approved fat reduction treatment that uses a calibrated cooling technology to reduce unwanted fat.

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The Vacuum Mechanism

During a treatment, the CoolSculpting applicators draw up the skin using a gentle vacuum mechanism. The suction is an essential part of the procedure because it brings the subcutaneous fat cells to the skin’s surface, where they are exposed to extreme cooling temps. This suction cannot be duplicated at home and should never be attempted.

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Controlled Cooling Technology

CoolSculpting is known for freezing fat cells, but it doesn’t freeze them. Instead, it chills the fat by drawing out the fat cells’ heat via exposure to controlled cooling. Doctors put years of research and studies into CoolSculpting to develop the cooling technology. It takes a specific temperature to appropriately and safely chill the fat cells until their membrane’s rupture and kill the cells.

Proprietary CoolSculpting Applicators

CoolSculpting is an effective body shaping treatment that reduces fat and sculpts attractive curves. The machine is made to work with various applicators. Each applicator molds to different areas of the body. The precise fit cannot be duplicated at home. The applicator has a custom shape enabling the technician to sculpt and contour the treatment area.

Safety Mechanism

CoolSculpting machines come with numerous safety features that ensure each patient is safe during treatment.

The gel pad protects the skin from frostbite. They are placed on the skin before the applicator is positioned on the treatment area. The pad insulates the skin from any type of thermal injuries during the procedure.

Temperature sensors are hypersensitive gauges in the applicator. They continuously monitor the temperature of the patient’s skin. If the skin’s temperature drops below the safety threshold, the machine will stop immediately. The gauges ensure that the subcutaneous fat is exposed to the right amount of cooling to effectively chill the fat cells.

Why DIY CoolSculpting at Home Does Not Work

DIY CoolSculpting is dangerous for people who attempt it:

  1. Ice packs are often used in DIY CoolSculpting. They cannot provide the precisely controlled cooling that is needed to chill fat to apoptosis. The packs lose their heat when placed on the body. To properly chill fat, the cold source would have to remain the same precise temp without interruption.
  2. CoolSculpting at home with ice packs also does not provide the vital vacuum mechanism that draws the fat cells to the skin’s surface.
  3. Using ice packs at home to attempt CoolSculpting will not freeze the fat cells, but it can freeze the skin. This can cause frostbite, and it is a severe injury associated with CoolSculpting at home.

Safe CoolSculpting Treatments Near Me

If you are interested in this fat freezing treatment, do not attempt to do it on your own at home. Instead, trust the professionals. Contact Laser + Skin Institute to schedule your free consultation to learn more about this safe, effective treatment. Call us at (973) 635-5050.


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