Core Workouts with CoolTone

Core Workouts with CoolTone

What is more attractive than slender waists with sculpted abs? So many people are looking for the next promising core workouts to chisel their midsection.

Unfortunately, the number of crunches and sit-ups necessary to achieve a six-pack make this aesthetic almost impossible to obtain. The secret to getting a lean waist and washboard abs is the body sculpting treatment, CoolTone. This treatment is FDA cleared to strengthen, firm, and tone the abdominal muscles.

Read on to learn more about the core workouts possible with CoolTone.

What Can Traditional Core Workouts Do?

Traditional workouts of sit-ups, crunches, and planks can only do so much for the physique. When done correctly and frequently, they can strengthen the abdomen. However, they may not chisel the abs the way one might be expecting.

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What Can Traditional Core Workouts not Do?

Science shows that six-pack abs are elusive to most people. It doesn’t matter how much they diet and exercise. We can thank genetics for this fact.

Moreover, you can have strong abdominal muscles. Still, if you carry any extra weight around in the midsection, they can be obscured by that belly fat. No amount of core exercises can change that. The thought that specific ab exercises can spot reduce abdominal muscles is a myth. Working out muscles that lay below fat bulges will not specifically target those stubborn fat cells.

Working Your Core with CoolTone

Fortunately, for people who do not have time, energy, or the right genetics to sculpt a lean six-pack, CoolTone can help. This body sculpting treatment uses advanced electromagnetic technology to induce a physical response known as magnetic muscle stimulation or MMS. During treatments, electromagnetic energy penetrates the muscle tissues. This energy stimulates the tissues causing them to contract.

One treatment induces more than 20,000 contractions in a single, painless 30-minute procedure.

These are not ordinary contractions. They are supramaximal contractions and rival the manual contractions done during exercise. In response to the powerful tension placed on the target tissue during treatments, the body adapts by creating more muscle cells and enlarging existing muscle tissues. This results in a firmer, sculpted midsection.

Core Workouts with CoolTone Near Me

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