WHAT IS COOLTONE? | Build Muscle, Burn Fat

Unlike most body contouring treatments that focus solely on the destruction of fat cells, CoolTone targets the larger percentage of body composition; muscle mass. A tandem treatment to CoolSculpting, this FDA-cleared approach to body sculpting uses electromagnetic technology to stimulate super contractions that strengthen muscles while burning fat.

What is CoolTone? | Treatable Areas & Benefits

If you exercise and eat healthily but still aren’t seeing the toning results you dream of such as washboard abs and a lifted, sculpted booty, then CoolTone is the treatment for you. What is CoolTone going to do to help you achieve these goals? CoolTone will target the three major muscle areas of your body- the abdomen, the buttocks, and the upper legs. This innovative procedure will increase muscle mass and strengthen these muscle groups faster than what is solely possible with regular exercise.

What is CoolTone’s Benefit for You?

  • CoolTone had been proven to be effective at reducing the stubborn belly fat covering the abdominal muscles. It also defines and builds muscle mass in the core bringing you closer to a solid, strong, sexy midsection.
  • CoolTone is the leading non-invasive alternative to the popular Brazilian Butt Lift. It can specifically target the buttocks to give you a rounded, toned, and lifted look after only a few treatments.
  • CoolTone is good for toning and strengthening your thighs and upper leg muscles. Stronger leg muscles can enhance your athletic performance as well as reduce that unsightly “thigh jiggle” when running and working out. Helping you feel more confident during your gym sessions.

So what is CoolTone going to do for you? In short, an all-over body transformation.

What is CoolTone? | How does it work?

The advanced technology of the CoolTone machine uses the power of electromagnetic energy to induce deep muscle tissue contractions to build mass while simultaneously burning fat. This method of treatment, known as MMS or Magnetic Muscle Stimulation, produces muscle contractions that are more powerful than those that can be achieved through normal strength training movements. It is why they are referred to as supramaximal contractions owing to their extraordinary effectiveness.

In fact, a quick 30-minute CoolTone procedure can induce more than 20,000 of these supramaximal contractions. This would be the equivalence of a person doing 20,000 squats or sit-ups. A superhuman feat! Because of this, this treatment is often referred to as “Superman’s Ab Workout”.

However, despite the strength of these muscle contractions, this procedure has minimal discomfort and no downtime. With clients reporting only slight muscle soreness such as that felt after a strenuous workout.

What is CoolTone? | Am I an ideal candidate?

The ideal CoolTone candidate is someone who lives a healthy and moderately active lifestyle and is already within their desired weight range. They may have areas they wish to treat that are slow to respond to regular exercise as they work to reach their aesthetic and athletic goals.

If you have questions about whether the CoolTone treatment is right for you, schedule your no-cost consultation today with a member of the Laser + Skin Institute’s knowledgeable aesthetics team.  

What is CoolTone? | Find out more today!

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